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Monday, 12 September 2011

Foo Fighters-Walk

Another band I love listening to. I also enjoy this video as it's a fantastically fun remake of a great film, "Falling Down". If you've never watched it, find it on DVD, it's well worth a watch.
In fact this should explain a bit more than I can in words.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie

Love the Chili Peppers, really want to go and see them live in concert

A Few F1 Spills

BTCC Squeaky Bum Moments

I do enjoy BTCC, so here are a few crashes and bumps from over the years.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11: Honour The Heroes

The 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero

The heroes on Flight 93 showed that no matter what terrorists try to do to promote fear, there will always be people who will show them no fear, no quarter and no respect (I use “respect” for want of a better word), as they deserve none of these. The passengers of Flight 93, the people of New York, Washington, London, Mumbai, Bali and other places the cowards of Al Qaeda have tried to spawn fear in, have shown great strength, heroism and character to not let the bastards win.
Onward the brave, onward the honorable, onward the heroes! Do not let fear cow you and prove that terrorists, no matter who they are, can not win!

I'm Back!!!

Just thought I'd get back to posting on here as I have been away for quite some time. Hope everyone is well and enjoys the new posts that I put onto here. See you all soon...

R/C Helicopters Can Not Swim!